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Join FRIDA For The FIFA World Cup!

13 May

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Get ready FRIDA fans, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is now less than 30 days away! As we all know, this is a spectacular event that only arrives every four years. And the fact that it is happening in Latin America is building the buzz even more!

In case you haven’t noticed, we are huge futbol fans (Go Chivas!).


So to commemorate this amazing event, we will be broadcasting all of the major games on our big screen HDTV’s! We will also be offering Happy Hour Prices during every match and creating specialty cocktails to celebrate the competing teams.

June 12
is when the games officially begin (and you can bet we will be throwing a major fiesta during the opening ceremony), but we’re already jumping on the futbol fever. Enjoy great matches at our restaurants all month long. In fact, we’ll be broadcasting games up until the epic finale on July 13.

Jerseys are welcome too, as are loud cheers. Heck, wear your cleats and dress as your favorite player! FRIDA is all about good times and good food. And this summer, we want to be your “Go-To” FIFA destination.

So let’s get things started with the official “VIDA,” 2014 anthem!

Celebrate The Summer Games At FRIDA!

22 Jul

Calling all sports fans! Now that we’re in a bit of a football lull and the Europe Cup has come and gone, we’re focusing our attention toward the 2012 Summer Games. Oh yes, there will be quite a lot to cheer about (no matter which country you support) and we’d love for you to show your Olympic spirit at FRIDA!

Starting this Friday, we’ll be broadcasting all of your favorite events at both of our restaurants. From the massive opening ceremony, to the hurdles and shot puts, to that final closing concert from The Spice Girls. It’s all going up on the HD FRIDA screen.

Even though things may be on the different time zones, you can bet that plenty of events will fall into the FRIDA Happy Hour sweet spot (with HH running all afternoon, how could they not?) And let’s be honest, table tennis and diving competitions are a lot more fun to watch with a margarita in your hand.

Plus, we’ll be serving all kinds of Olympic-themed dishes to keep things festive. Looking forward to the weightlifting competition? Order up a Burrito FRIDA and you’ll be doing a little weight lifting of your own! It’s heavy alright and stuffed with beef, beans, rice, queso, lettuce and sour cream.

How about synchronized swimming? If you want to bring down a friend, we highly recommend our “synchronized” taco tasting platter. You can also cheer on the silver medal winners with sips from our delicious selections of silver tequilas.

And all you gymnastics fans can work on balance with a Molcajete order. Can you cram this delicious guacamole appetizer in your mouth without losing a single drop? It’s easier said than done!

FRIDA isn’t just a great place to watch the Olympics, it’s a great place to enhance your Olympic experience. And we’ll have plenty of other fans to mingle with too! So throw on your favorite jersey and come down before the fanfare starts.

Celebrate the Sporty Side of FRIDA!

24 Oct

Let’s be honest, what goes better than sports and Mexican food? Whether it’s a cool cerveza in the ninth inning or salsa-drenched chips during that critical QB pass, you really can’t go wrong with FRIDA appetizers during “the big game.”

And with huge events like The World Series going on this week, we figured what better time to celebrate the sporty side of FRIDA? That’s right, at both our Beverly Hills and Glendale locations we’re offering happy hour specials and plenty of crisp HDTVs to put you right in the middle of the action.

Big MNF fan? Then you HAVE to drop by for a taste of our Crazy Mondays! Throughout the night, you can watch grizzly High-Def tackles and savor special prices on Tostadas, Enchiladas, and our trademark Margaritas!

Or perhaps you need a place to catch Game 6 of the Series? Pop in to FRIDA this Wednesday for dirt cheap Wings (which go great with Mexican beer BTW)! And per usual, you can always drop by on weekends for FIFA matches and the rest of the Pan American Games (for all you die hard Latin American deportes fans).

The point is, we’ve got always got some kind of matchup happening on our FRIDA TVs and we’d love to have you drop by, jerseys and all!