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FRIDA’s Final UNAM-LA Event Happens This Friday!

24 Sep

Hola FRIDA fans….

Have you been keeping up with our UNAM-LA events? Actually, we’ve been thrilled with the turnouts we’ve gotten these past few months. And everyone looking to learn more about the Latin American political system has NOT been disappointed. Luminaries like Leonardo Curzio and Francisco Abundis Luna offered a ton of insight into the electoral process. And now, you have the chance to sit in on one more historic event.

This Friday (September 28), we’re proud to co-host UNAM-LA’s final lecture on the Mexican election. And this may be the most excited one yet! We’ve assembled the Magistrates of the Superior Hall of the Electoral Court for a fascinating discussion about “What Happens Next” with Mexico. Manuel Gonzalez Oropeza, Salvador Nava Gomar and Constancio Carrasco Daza will be participating and sharing their insights on new Commander-in-Chief Enrique Peña Nieto. And for the first time, we’ll be hearing things from a strictly judicial perspective (which should definitely be of interest to all you Legal Eagles).

As always, the admission is free and we’ll be providing plenty of yummy FRIDA treats. But beyond that, we want you to mingle and learn from some of the most interesting people in Latin American politics.

Click here for more info and directions to the Mexican Consulate. The discussion begins Friday at 6pm sharp!

FRIDA Partners With UNAM-LA For Important Political Summit

15 Jun

In case you were unaware, Obama and Romney aren’t the only notable politicians running in 2012. This year also marks a very important election in Mexico. And no matter who you pledge your support to (right now there are four candidates), it’s always important to stay educated. That’s why we’re proud to partner with UNAM-LA as co-sponsors for a series of important discussions.

Taking place at the Mexican General Consulate in downtown L.A., the Mexico 2012 Electoral Observatory features an amazing array of speakers delivering their take on voting trends, the electoral process and the future of Mexico. So far, noted scholars like Lorenzo Cordoba Vianello and Francisco Guerrero Aguirre have lent their opinions and there are many more notables to come.

On Monday June 18, Francisco Abundis Luna and Jorge Buendia Laredo will be holding an in-depth analysis of the country’s voting trends. Their lecture will begin at 6pm and promises to make for a VERY informative evening.

On August 10, Leonardo Curzio and Ciro Murayama will discuss the outcome of the election and open the floor to political discussions. A similar presidential recap will take place on September 28, with speakers Constancio Carrasco Daza, Salvador Nava Gomar and Manuel Gonzalez Oropeza.

These are all dates that we highly recommend adding to your calendars or you can print out the flyer we’ve attached to the blog. Admission to the UNAM events are completely free and, as co-sponsors, you can bet we’ll providing plenty of FRIDA appetizers and refreshments.

We’d love to see you there!