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Let FRIDA Cater Your Super Bowl Party!

28 Jan

Calling all football fans!

The Big Game is just a few days away and if you’re looking for the perfect menu during the Seattle/New England showdown, we highly recommend a kitchen stocked with FRIDA!


Over the past few years, our CATERING Division has been actively contributing to LA Super Bowl parties. From the large scale backyard BBQ’s, to the intimate gatherings in front of big screen TV’s. We can accommodate orders of any size and offer a full variety of tacos, enchiladas, burritos and more!


And as far as appetizers go, no one can top FRIDA’s homemade tortilla chips blended with spicy red and green salsa. We also offer large orders of custom guacamole and some AMAZING queso fundido for NFL nacho fans. 😉


Of course, the restaurants will be open too and broadcasting the Big Game on multiple HDTV’s. So if you’d prefer to skip hosting duties and just enjoy Happy Hour cervezas at our bar, so be it! However you want to celebrate the Super Bowl, FRIDA will be there to help!

Reach out to us at (310) 278-0666 to find out available Catering options and have fun watching the drama unfold on Super Bowl Sunday!

Are You Ready For Some FRIDA Football?!

7 Jan

The Super Bowl countdown has officially begun, which means all eyes will be on the NFL for the next four weeks. With the Playoffs now in full swing, we thought now would be a great opportunity to invite you over to FRIDA for cold cervezas, hot appetizers, and crystal clear HDTVs! That’s right, we’ll be broadcasting all of the helmet-crunching action at both our Beverly Hills and Glendale locations.

Sure other bars love to get you hooked on “Nachos” during kickoff, but let’s be honest…All they’re serving you are stale chips, microwaved Kraft singles, and avocado sauce that they probably picked up from the local Costco.

Not FRIDA. We’ve got ENTRADAS – authentic Mexican samplers that are affordable and won’t have you reaching for the TUMS bottle during halftime. The authentic way to enjoy a “Nacho” is with Queso Fundido! Melted cheese mixed with yummy mushrooms and served alongside freshly-baked tortillas. And don’t worry, you can add our crispy chips and salsas in too if you feel like being creative.

We’ve also got freshly made Guacamole en Molcajete. This stuff’s so legit, one of our servers actually stirs it up right in front of you! You get your choice of jalapeños, chiles, cilantros, limes, or all of the above (which is HIGHLY recommended).

And don’t get us started on our Cerveza selections. We’ve got every delicious Mexican beer you can think of, served in a frosty glass with a freshly-sliced lime wedge. We’ll even whip it up Cubana style if you want to add some Tabasco and Worcestershire to to the mix.

If you prefer celebrating game winning touchdowns with tequila shots, we’ve got that covered too! Don Julio, Patron, 1800, Cazadores, you name it!

And let’s not forget about the Mother of all NFL showdowns, the Super Bowl! Mark your calendars for February 5 because we’ll be broadcasting every pre-game report, all those outrageous commercials, and that highly-touted Madonna halftime show on every one of our big screen TVs.

So throw on your jersey, bring your appetite, and head over for some FRIDA football!

Celebrate the Sporty Side of FRIDA!

24 Oct

Let’s be honest, what goes better than sports and Mexican food? Whether it’s a cool cerveza in the ninth inning or salsa-drenched chips during that critical QB pass, you really can’t go wrong with FRIDA appetizers during “the big game.”

And with huge events like The World Series going on this week, we figured what better time to celebrate the sporty side of FRIDA? That’s right, at both our Beverly Hills and Glendale locations we’re offering happy hour specials and plenty of crisp HDTVs to put you right in the middle of the action.

Big MNF fan? Then you HAVE to drop by for a taste of our Crazy Mondays! Throughout the night, you can watch grizzly High-Def tackles and savor special prices on Tostadas, Enchiladas, and our trademark Margaritas!

Or perhaps you need a place to catch Game 6 of the Series? Pop in to FRIDA this Wednesday for dirt cheap Wings (which go great with Mexican beer BTW)! And per usual, you can always drop by on weekends for FIFA matches and the rest of the Pan American Games (for all you die hard Latin American deportes fans).

The point is, we’ve got always got some kind of matchup happening on our FRIDA TVs and we’d love to have you drop by, jerseys and all!